Born and bred in 2016 in the charming Shropshire countryside, the Gorgeous Beer Company takes its name from the beautiful Ironbridge Gorge. We also make gorgeous beer!

The Ironbridge itself spans the Gorge and the River Severn, which made it a strategic spot during the Industrial Revolution. From here, coal and iron ore could be delivered downriver to the rest of England. Because of its importance during this era, the town of Ironbridge is now an UNESCO World Heritage Site and also home to some of the best traditionally brewed beer in England.

The Gorgeous Beer Company was formed by a group of Ironbridge beer lovers, sharing a passion for not only drinking beer, but brewing it too. By meeting and discussing their ideas at the local pub and drinking local beer, this group of like-minded individuals are now able to bring you Gorgeous Beer in the best possible way – the old fashioned way.

Our local town is truly important to us, and we do what we can to be a productive part of it. We support our neighbouring allotments by giving them spent hops for compost, while our bi-produced malt feeds the livestock at the Blists Hill living museum at Ironbridge.

The Gorgeous Beer Company aims to give you the best quality hand brewed beer, traditionally brewed but with a modern twist. All our malt is grown in the UK by farmers who have an in-depth understanding of the techniques required for producing the best barley for malting. This is what gives our beers their distinguishing body and taste.

Our hops are a select blend of UK and European produce, chosen for their distinctive bitterness and aroma. Used for their outstanding bittering qualities and spice, our hops of choice are Brewers Gold and Progress. In keeping with our love of history and tradition, Brewers Gold is a true old-style ingredient, going back almost 100 years. Progress is a baby in comparison, but it is no less suited to brewing the finest in English beers.