Our hand-brewed beers reflect our own contrasting tastes. Our Golden Bitter is rich and golden, while our Blonde Ale offers a slightly more sun-kissed taste delivering flavours of citrus and spice. Our beers demonstrate the versatility of brewing by hand using traditional techniques, but with a modern take.

golden-bitterGolden Bitter

ABV: 3.8%, Colour: Light/Rich Gold, Hops: Progress & Brewers Gold
Brewed using a combination of Brewers Gold and Progress hops, this is a light, rich, golden ale. It offers a smooth taste of the English countryside, starting grassy and sweet with hints of blackcurrant. It fades to a strong and bitter finish, where our select hops really come into their own. Perfect for a quiet night in an old English pub, Golden Bitter is reminiscent of the golden years of Ironbridge – ancient England coupled with revolutionary vigour.

Blond Ale

ABV: 4.8%, Colour: Pale/Blond, Hops: Brewers Gold
Brewers Gold hops give our Blond Ale its characteristic spice. Our golden-coloured ale brings you a little taste of summer with its delightfully citrus undercurrent. This is a well-balanced and refreshing ale, a real thirst-quencher on a summer’s evening with its lingering bitter notes.

Ruby Porter

ABV: 5.5%, Colour: Dark/Ruby, Hops: Willamette
A deliciously smooth Ruby Porter with chocolate caramel notes and the minimum amount of bitterness. This dark and slightly sweet beer has a great multi taste and is a little bit too drinkable.